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PDF/CHM Documents

Documentation is also available in PDF/CHM format, before downloading, please, consider supporting this project with a small donation. Time spent creating document is subtracted to our free time, time that we could spend in a better way, writing code for example ;-)

16.1.x branch
FilenameFilesizeLast modified
chibios_16.1.6_chibios_hal_4.0.6_rm.pdf10.3 MiB2017/01/01 18:09
chibios_16.1.6_chibios_nil_1.1.3_rm.pdf1.0 MiB2017/01/01 18:09
chibios_16.1.6_chibios_rt_3.1.5_rm.pdf6.7 MiB2017/01/01 18:09

Obsolete Versions

3.0.x branch
FilenameFilesizeLast modified
chibios_3.0.5_chibios_hal_rm.pdf9.3 MiB2016/01/23 09:51
chibios_3.0.5_chibios_nil_rm.pdf1.0 MiB2016/01/23 09:51
chibios_3.0.5_chibios_rt_rm.pdf6.7 MiB2016/01/23 09:52
2.6.x branch
FilenameFilesizeLast modified
chibios_rt_2.6.9_kernel_hal_rm.tar.gz12.2 MiB2015/08/08 17:51
chibios_rt_2.6.9_port_arm79_gcc_rm.tar.gz610.2 KiB2015/08/08 17:51
chibios_rt_2.6.9_port_armcmx_gcc_rm.tar.gz1.4 MiB2015/08/08 17:51
chibios_rt_2.6.9_port_armcmx_iar_rm.tar.gz840.7 KiB2015/08/08 17:51
chibios_rt_2.6.9_port_armcmx_rvct_rm.tar.gz845.4 KiB2015/08/08 17:51
chibios_rt_2.6.9_port_ppc_gcc_rm.tar.gz858.3 KiB2015/08/08 17:51
RT Performance

Fastest RTOS? Reasons for this statement and performance data.

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Features comparison and use cases.

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Code Portability

Is code portability really possible using HAL? What are the limitations?

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