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Free Commercial License

GPL3-licensed modules are often not compatible with commercial use. ChibiOS is available also under a free commercial license that frees the user from all the GPL3 requirements. Details about this license:

  • Customer registration is required with information about the developed product.
  • The GPL3 license disappears and is replaced by a copyright statement for the commercial license.
  • Permission has to be grant to ChibiOS to use the customer and product information in order to advertise ChibiOS itself.
  • The user is required to state publicly (web site, documentation) the use of ChibiOS and put links to the web site.
  • The commercial ChibiOS code has to be used as-is, modifications are not allowed in the commercially-licensed modules.
  • The Apache 2.0 ChibiOS code is freely modifiable (it is most of the code, including, demos, templates, examples, configuration files, the whole HAL, drivers, contributed code, etc).
  • Some RT features are not available under this license:
    • High Resolution Time.
    • Advanced Statistics.
  • The deployment is limited to 500 units/cores per license. Re-registration is required in order to obtain more free licenses.

This license is idea for small productions, prototypes or for people that need more time before a full commitment to the product. Register here for a free license, the provided information could appear here if complete enough.


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