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 fieldset "​Select Purchase Options"​ fieldset "​Select Purchase Options"​
 static ​  "​Please select your deployment needs."​ static ​  "​Please select your deployment needs."​
-yesno    "Up to 1000 cores"​ +yesno    "Up to 1000 cores" "=1000 cores:​yes"​ "!1000 cores:no
-yesno    "Up to 5000 cores"​ +yesno    "Up to 5000 cores" "=5000 cores:​yes"​ "!5000 cores:no
-yesno    "​Unlimited"​+yesno    "​Unlimited" "​=unlimited:​yes"​ "​!unlimited:​no"
 fieldset "​Select Products"​ fieldset "​Select Products"​