ChibiStudio embeds famous Open Source products in a single package in order to save time for a quick ChibiOS evaluation:

  • Eclipse IDE.
  • OpenOCD GDB server.
  • GNU GCC compiler for ARM.
  • Registers View eclipse component.
  • ChibiOS-related extension plugins.
  • Supports multiple versions of ChibiOS.
  • Supports the “trunk” version of ChibiOS, directly from repository.

Everything is integrated and ready to go, just unzip the archive as C:\ChibiStudio, drag the included shortcut icon on the desktop and launch. No installation required, no trouble when uninstalling or upgrading.

The IDE is complete of muliple workspaces populated with all demo applications for all supported ChibiOS versions. Nothing to configure, most default are optimal for embedded use.


Features comparison and use cases.

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