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ChibiOS Homepage

ChibiOS Free Edition LogoWelcome to the ChibiOS project page. ChibiOS is a complete development environment for embedded applications including RTOS, an HAL, peripheral drivers, support files and tools.

ChibiOS also integrates external Open Source components in order to offer a complete solution for embedded devices.

The ChibiOS components are available under Open Source licenses, GPL3 or Apache 2.0, there are also several commercial licensing options.

Support our Project

If you like ChibiOS, please, consider supporting our project with a small donation.


All guides and articles of the old web site are still available on the technical wiki documentation page.

Web Site Problems

Registration forms and info form stopped working because technical problems, we are working to restore functionality. Please contact us at until functionality is fully restored.

ChibiOS 19.1.2 stable

ChibiOS 19.1.2 “Minori” has been released.

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Migration to OSDN

ChibiOS project migrated to OSDN..

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ChibiOS 18.2.2 stable

ChibiOS 18.2.2 “Furore” has been released.

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ChibiStudio Preview 20

ChibiStudio preview 20 has been released.

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New Migration or Update guide

Visit our new migration or update guide.

New partners page

Visit our new partners page.

ChibiOS/RT The Book

The Ultimate Guide preview, the book is freely available online. Everything about the RT kernel described in great detail.

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