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 +====== ChibiOS Homepage ======
 +{{chibios:​logo.png ​ }}
 +Welcome to the ChibiOS project page. ChibiOS is a complete development environment for embedded applications including RTOS, an HAL, peripheral drivers, support files and tools.
 +ChibiOS also integrates external Open Source components in order to offer a complete solution for embedded devices.
 +The ChibiOS components are available under Open Source licenses, GPL3 or Apache 2.0, there are also several commercial licensing options.
 +===== Crash Recovery Status =====
 +The web site is under reconstruction after the problems with our previous host, new pages are being added continuously,​ work in progress. The look is not final, this is a temporary theme. We are improving the content while restoring it.
 +===== Support our Project =====
 +If you like ChibiOS, please, consider supporting our project with a **[[https://​www.paypal.com/​donate/?​token=lqpHSp_lj0DRG9S9pGZrcaxhCi-v_pZ_OOr6m81Mtbv1bfSOBDpIjW2q8Xe8y9wcoXx0dm&​country.x=IT&​locale.x=|small donation]]**.
 +===== Temporary Links ======
 +  * [[chibios:​documentation:​books:​rt:​start|ChibiOS/​RT - The ultimate guide]] (80%, reconstruction __and update__ in progress)